An Introduction

Behavior is Communication

Freebird Speaks is a website where I post writing that has to do with neurodiversity. It is the most social of my websites and uses a name I have had for several years of communicating with neurodiverse people from all over the world.

It is a place where I believe all behavior is communication. A place where we can all celebrate that fact and a place for us all to learn and engage with one another in such a way where as we understand more about things we will understand more about each other.

I’ve listed most all of my pages on my Home Page but below I’ll be listing the pages that I think others may get some ideas from on their journey in understanding neurodiversity and education.


Behavior is Communication

Freebird Speaks blog.

Adapting Education, Additional Lessons

Sister site to Adaptive Educations.

Adapting Education

A documentation of homeschooling.

Adapting Education Lesson Ideas

Storage cabinet for videos and reading material I find about schooling techniques. A resource for activities and learning about presentation of learning materials.

Adapting Education Resources

A collection of resources for education.