Take the Time

You need to take the time.  Do something that belongs to you.  Just you.  Whether you go out & get your hair done, your nails done or a new tan.  Whether you just sit in your car with the radio on to your favorite song & sing your head off.  You need to shut those eyes for a minute and breathe.  You hear that? That.  Silence.  You ever hear silence so quiet it’s loud?  I like that sound. It whispers calm in your ear that fills you up until the next morning.  And you wait for it.

Go take a walk.  Not the dog. You.   When is the last time you paid attention to the birds?  Followed their path from tree to tree to see what each one sounds like? Looked at the clouds.  Saw them.  Let yourself find them.  Let yourself find you.  Do something you’ve never done before.  Something you thought you couldn’t but tried & did. Try on a dress you’ll never buy.  Walk barefoot for five minutes in the grass.  Run through a sprinkler for the hell of it.  Go get a Starbucks.

You need to take the time.  Have a beer.  Have two.  Shave your legs.  Do your toes.  Go get your toes done.  File your nails.  Brush your hair.  Hell, brush your teeth.  Take a bath. Go play the piano.  Go write your poem.  Go be the poem you write about.  Find your place.  Do whatever makes you happy.  But be happy.  If it’s only for five minutes.

Be you.  Who is that?  Do you remember? What was it that made you happy before the thing that makes you happy now? Are you happy?  What is happiness? Are you kidding?  Find you, happiness isn’t that.

You need to take the time.  It’s there.  You’ve let it go.  Let yourself go.  To time. You think too much. I think I think too much.  You have to do something that belongs to you.  You need to take the time.