Movement while you eat

I read a lot of posts on Facebook about how specifically during mealtimes their kiddo on the spectrum cannot sit still.   Sitting still is not an easy task for a child  with ASD or SPD to begin with in some circumstances.  But eating can make it even more difficult for that person for a number of reasons.  It can be anything from the excitement of eating or a way to actually focus on eating by removing yourself from the situation & restarting yourself in between each bite.  It can be overwhelming sensory wise from smell to texture.  Maybe it’s a combination maybe it’s an isolated sense.  But note there are many reasons that it might be difficult to eat during mealtimes in a seated position.  And generally wanting to ruin mealtime is not one of them.

Movement or vestibular activity helps aid in concentration and focus and might help a person who has a hard time sitting still during mealtimes.  Additionally, it can help you focus on other tasks too.  A therapy ball chair on a stand is my favorite thing to recommend to people.  You can use a stand alone ball but it’s better to get one on a stand so you don’t fall off or wander off with a roll in your mouth.

Heres a picture of it.


Here’s a link to find it on Amazon.

Give it a try.