Freebird Speaks–The first post

I’m doing something different.  I’m speaking.  Except I’m not really speaking. I’m typing.  Which means just because I’m not speaking doesn’t mean I can’t.  And if I couldn’t speak would not equal no thoughts or ideas to speak about.  Whether I can type says what you think I am capable of.  What I am capable of is far more than what you could ever think or that I could ever think to say.

I’m doing something different.  I’m coming out of my comfort zone.  Because that is what my daughter does to will her thoughts into sounds that represent language every day.  Except I don’t have to speak my ideas.  I just have to type them and press publish.  My daughter can’t do that.  Does she not have ideas? Where is the publish button? I’m pressing it for her.  I’m sharing my thoughts to help spread awareness & maybe connect with people who might be doing something different too.   Freebird Speaks.   These are things written.