Fine Motor Skills

I hardly ever get excited about toys but I want to share something with you all that I discovered today with my children.  In an effort to have my 6 year old twins play a game together that incorporated learning skills and fun I pulled out a toy called Design & Drill.  This is one of those toys that you buy at Christmas and forget to buy the batteries to (and yes, it takes some batteries) and when you finally get it together to buy the correct size of batteries, magic happens.  The second I took it out of the box the children were quiet.  It was an immediate learning experience.  They knew they were tools and they knew what to do with it.  The set includes drilling boards with holes in it where you place a screw into the hole and use a battery powered screw driver to screw in the bolt.  The bolts come in different colors and shapes which is fun for making patterns and adding an extra step to the process of learning.  Some bolts are harder to put in than others…..etc.   And there is a choice of two different screwdriver heads to use even though both work for all screws.  If you buy the larger set it comes with manual tools too.


The toy works on fine motor skills and sequencing of events to problem solve.  You can add patterns to increase difficulty or switch to manual tools which helps strengthen the hands and coordination also.  If you have two children it is a great opportunity for role playing games and pretend play.  It is a great toy to practice sharing skills as there are plenty of bits and pieces to share and the larger set is sold with 2 battery powered screwdrivers, so one child can ‘help’ another or be the assistant.  I love all the toy has to offer and felt great knowing that my kiddos were playing with something and learning several different skills at once but actually having a great time doing it.  So if you’re looking for something that will teach your kiddo some independent fine motor skills–and also skills that are occupational for later on in life…..this is the thing for you.  I’m attaching a link to the Amazon Search Page where I purchased ours.