Something Smells Fishy…..

Something is fishy.   

I am a part of many apraxia related groups as well as sensory differences, autistic groups…..etc.  but mainly in the apraxia related group I am finding a surprising number of people who look for alternative means to speech therapy.  Now, I understand when you’re ready to lose a few pounds, and you’re ready to go on a diet…..there are many choices out there.  And if one way doesn’t work for you then maybe another way will.  But in all of these different methods or ways of losing weight, whether it’s exercise or eating well….one thing remains the same.  You don’t stuff your face with crap.  No matter which route you go.  Whether it’s running or the gym or the grocery store.  You don’t stuff your face with crap.   

Returning to apraxia of speech and being non verbal.  When you are having a problem with speech you get speech therapy.  Period.   Step 1.  You need speech? You work on speech.   Fine.  Point understood easily.   

Then why am I continuing to read posts that are posting articles about fish oil and snake oil that magically makes you speak after several $50 bottles? On a full moon.  If there’s an earthquake that happens while it’s raining on easter morning…. Would you like to know Why? Money.   That’s why.   It all makes money.   Speech therapy makes money too but at least it holds a benefit.  Many people give up on speech therapy after the first therapist doesn’t work well with their child.   I’m here to tell you there is no one way to do speech therapy.  The practice may be similar, but then there are different practices.   Methods.  The therapist will always be different.   This changes speech therapy altogether.   

It is not just the therapy that makes a difference but also the tools provided to the person who needs help with speech.   People shy away from augmentative communication devices or AAC thinking it may be too expensive or worried their child will become lazy and not try to speak if they use such a device.    Wrong.  Most insurance companies cover durable medical equipment which is what AAC falls under.  Quite often it’s covered.  And the person using the device is not lazy.   Does not become lazy.  They become empowered with speech.  And quite often writing and typing opens up speech and helps the person speak easier similar to movement and Co treating OT with speech therapy as speech increases with vestibular input.   This is because vestibular Input is organizing.  

But for God’s sake don’t forget the fish oil.  Get yourself a fish sandwich on the way to speech therapy.  Just don’t stuff your face. Rub fish oil in your hair twice a week on a full moon and you’ll be speaking 365 $50 a bottle(s)  of fish oil later.   But you would have anyway.   


But you would have much sooner with proper speech therapy and proper tools to communicate.