Ideas for Homeschooling

I know many people are homeschooling right now and many people have not gone the homeschooling route before. This can be challenging and confusing. There are all sorts of resources out there and programs and curriculums to choose from including apps of all kinds. It’s not always easy finding the right program to suit your child depending on their needs sensory or speech wise. I wanted to recommend a few resources that might be useful to whomever may be reading this that can relate.

Depending on age (and the program can be updated to suit younger aged children) there is an online english learning system called Lexia 5 Core Reading. There is also a version for older children under a different name but on the Lexia English website. The software is created by Rosetta Stone and is a fantastic resource to learn reading skills and language. It’s best to use it to supplement other English curriculums as it lacks writing skills being an online resource. It is a subscription based program and has an app that works well on ipad and iPhone also. I prefer using it on a home based computer unit however.

Another fun program is Beast Academy for math. It again, suits younger children. And Time4Learning gives you an alternative to books that covers all general subjects over and beyond math and english. These programs are great a to use as supplemental extras to add to workbooks so you have an idea of the skills your children are working on in those workbooks and it breaks the boredom of everyday activities in between book reading and traditional workbooks.

For those of you with children that have apraxia of speech or difficulties with speech a great program is Rosetta Stone English. Many people think that this software is just for learning new languages. It also can be used for reading skills, language skills and articulation for speech therapy. You not only learn language with Rosetta Stone English you also learn how to articulate that language by reading what is on the screen with a microphone picking up on your voice to see if it sounds ‘correct’. You will want to get a quality microphone to use with this program which you can plug directly into your laptop etc. There is also an app version that works well with the ipad.

The last advice I’ll give you for now is movement. Make sure there is movement with activities and in between activities when you can provide it. The vestibular sense helps to organize all the senses which makes learning not only more fun but more focused. I would recommend using a therapy ball chair on a stand for those kiddos who do not prefer to sit in a still position in a desk like environment. A swing is also another great option for some activities such as reading. Even a hammock can provide you with enough room to place a notebook down for writing.

Thought I would add in a few ideas that have helped me over the years with my daughters. I hope these ideas will help anyone who is reading who is looking for something new to add to their journey in homeschooling.

Thank you all for reading!